I am Bhushan Darekar

I am a curious inventor having a true desire to make machines and create a technology. I look at every technology as magic first and love to open the secret to making it understand and explore beyond.

Thus to convert my technological dreams into reality !

I imagine, believe and create 


Spanda is an intrinsically safe soft humanoid robot made up of flexible actuators and compliant links, capable of working in close proximity with humans.

"HARPAL", A Haptic Palpation Device

In Telemedicine the doctor can only see and observe the patient from remote areas on a screen but cannot feel the sense of palpation which is the most important part of a local examination of any disease condition. The proposed device HARPAL (Every time with you) generates a real-time sense of palpation at the receiver’s end (doctor).

Human Exoskeleton Suit

Exoskeleton- robot system is the suit wearer interaction system that tracks the intents of the wearer and signals the actuators accordingly to amplify/ assist that motion and hence help to enhance the strength, speed and capabilities of the wearer. 

Flexible Fluidic Actuators

Finite Element Analysis of Flexible Fluidic Actuators and Compliant link by using Hyperelastic Material Model in ANSYS 18. 

A Flying Bird

An ornithopter is a flying bird inspired by Festo Bird and has wings made up of polyester fabric and carbon fibre rod.BLDC motor and gears are mounted on Acrylic Fuselage with onboard Lithium Polymer Battery and Receiver to control it wirelessly.

Wall Climbing Robot

Design and manufacturing of vacuum technology-based wall roof traversing robot. The robot can be used for surveillance, defect detection in metallic structures, cleaning of vertical facades etc.