Bhushan Jayawant Darekar

Bhushan Jayawant Darekar

M Tech - Mechatronics

I am a curious Inventor.
I love to develop new Machines and like to see them working. I find myself truly blissed out when working at the lab.
I believe in Interdisciplinary learning.

My interest is broadly in the area of Human-Computer Interaction, Haptics, Biomechatronics and Bioinspired robotics.
My recent work is focused on the development of a Soft Humanoid Robot made up of Flexible Fluidic Actuators and Compliant Links.
My previous work has involved design and development of Flexible Exoskeleton, Haptic PalpationĀ Device, Biomedical Devices, RC Flying Machines and Mechatronic systems.

My ultimate aim is to imbibe livingness in materials and future machines.

I am an avid reader and being an artist at heart, I enjoy painting, sketching and writing poetry.

I like to interact with people and discuss ideas and projects.
Feel free to email me at for potential future
projects we can help each other with.