A Soft Exoglove for the paralysis patients

Developed For Technocraft competition held at CoEP, 2017

Team Leader: Bhushan Darekar
Team Members: Vilas Patil and Madhav Katharia
Under the guidance of Dr S S Ohol

For the Technocraft Competition In 2016 december, a first prototype Stack of Pneumatic Artificial Muscles were made and Tendons are used to move the fingers and controlled by manual Switching. Functional Soft Exo glove is developed by using soft pneumatic network actuator hand and controlled by using haptic signal of user’s hand. Compressed air of 2.5 bar pressure is used and actuation of fingers is controlled by electro-pneumatic circuit.

I Learned the PDMS material properties and fabrication techniques of Pneumatic Network Actuators, Also developed Embedded Electropneumatic Control System of Exoglove by taking senses from the dataglove placed in other hand.