Development of an automated buffing machine to impart multidirectional burnished surface finish  for sheets

Team Members: Chinmay Purohit, Akash Kolte, Mohit Purasani , Bhushan Darekar

under the guidance of Dr S .S. Anasane

We worked on the development of a mini prototype of buffing possible to mimic all the 2 axis movements, Horizontal and vertical axis controlled by a stepper motor, and buffing wheel is controlled by DC motor along with CAM is attached to move it horizontal direction to get a better surface finish.

I worked on the design of a structure, Selection of Motors, Selection of Springs and electronics components. I worked on the programming and system integration and control system. We successfully presented our model in Dyna Biotech.

Skills Used ShopBot CNC Router, Stepper motor and DC motor control (PWM), Arduino, Solidworks, Partworks and laser engraver etc.