Development of Dualcopter

In 2012 we developed dual copter for the Robocon 2013. The main objective was to make a flying robot which can complete the task of a child robot in the theme of Robocon 2013 We made different prototypes from wooden sticks, Hard Paper Box, Polystyrene and Buckets. we can’t make out the flying humanoid robot but learned a lot about the control system required for the RC flying machines. One of my favourite hobbies is making RC aeroplanes and fly them!!!!!

I learned to control BLDC motor and servo motors and also to set up communication between transmitter and receiver.I also developed handcrafting skills to fabricate these prototypes. Understand the Gyroscopic Effects produce on the Flying Body and concept of Yaw, Roll and Pitch, Learned to programme a flight controller boards.

Team members : Bhushan Darekar, Ajinkya Jain, Sumeet Chaudhary, Sagar Kale and Ashish Shimpi