Development of RC Aeroplanes

One of my favourite hobbies is making RC aeroplanes and fly them!!!!!

It is started back in my childhood but it becomes more interesting in my bachelors 3rd year when we made our first dual copter. I enjoy to see flying planes and in addition to this, my childhood aim was to become a Fighter Pilot. My first RC plane was made up of the cardboard box and sheets of polystyrene. After many trials, we got succeeded for the first takeoff and later also I continued my interest as an amateur RC Hobbyist.

Many of my friends are involved in making these planes in my bachelors and masters too, I am very grateful to all of them for there constant support and guidance.

I learned to control BLDC motor and servo motors and to set up communication between transmitter and receiver. Also developed handcrafting skills to fabricate these aeroplanes.