Team Avishkar – Supermilage Vehicle

Team Avishkar of YTIET participated in this competition on the year 2014

Under the guidance of Prof. Santosh Wankhede (Principal YTIET)

The SAE Supermileage Competition is a yearly fuel-efficiency competition held at the Eaton Corporation proving grounds located in Marshall, Michigan, United States. The Society of Automotive Engineers is the primary sponsor. Around 30 teams compete to build the vehicle that uses the least amount of gas to go a specified distance. Teams are required to use a one cylinder lawnmower engine provided by Briggs & Stratton, but significant modification is allowed.

I was the fabrication Head of the team, I worked in the fabrication of vehicle and electronics. We designed a vehicle to achieve maximum mileage 104 km per litre of gasoline. We used different concepts to modify the efficiency of the vehicle and while developing this we got the adept knowledge of Electronic Fuel Injection system and IC Engines. I was also in the team SAE BAJA and worked as Steering and Suspension head. I learned the LOTUS and CarSim (Car Simulation software). The book Fundamental of Vehicle Dynamics by Thomas Gillespie developed my adept understanding of a vehicle.

Working in these clubs helped me a lot while designing COEP Hyperloop Pod.