Upper Body Human Exoskeleton Suit

BTech Project(2014-2015): Compressed Air Powered Human Exoskeleton Suit for Material Handling and Disaster Management Under the guidance of Prof. Santosh Wankhede (Principal YTIET)

Team Members: Bhushan Darekar, Ajinkya Jain, Vivek Patil, Pritam Hivalkar.

Exoskeleton suit is used to amplify/assist the motion that implies enhancing the strength, speed and capabilities of the wearer. In this project, we developed long length pneumatic artificial muscles to achieve flexibility of limbs in the human-exoskeleton system. 28 Kg weight is lifted by wearing exoskeleton and load is distributed on six Artificial muscles also efforts were taken to design the system ergonomically. These types of exoskeletons can be used to reduce efforts of proletarians.

I worked on the design of upper body exoskeleton and put forward the concept of long length flexible Pneumatic Air Muscles, I worked on the CAD model design, selection of Joints and components, Electronic Control System of the Exoskeleton and the fabrication.

Skills Used Solidworks, Electronics, Arduino, Making of Pneumatic Artificial Muscles and Fabrication Techniques.